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Trey Turner is the name of one of the guys in a band I listen to. It’s also apparently the name of a porn star.

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I keep harmonizing along with them =) I love it. It would be so awesome to meet these guys one day. Besides the fact that they record all these wonderful songs that make girls’ hearts melt, they just seem like really cool people. And I definitely wish I had their talent.

P.S. I love how in almost every video, there is at least one item of Florida sports team paraphernalia. Rep’ the sunshine state!

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Mayday by The Icarus Account 

This made me cry more but in a good way. So perfect for tonight. 

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My heart just melted a TON!!! <3 

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I love the Icarus Account so much. one of the great things about this band is that they sound pretty much the same here as they do on their recorded stuff. check them out; you won’t regret it! c:

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The Icarus Account- “Closer To You”


Me covering one of my favorite songs(:

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